Selleria Equipe

Selleria Equipe, the Italian company behind Equipe Saddles have long been established as a must have brand for every rider whether they are looking for an Equipe Dressage Saddle or an Equipe Jumping Saddle.  Equipe are always looking to  introducing new and unique ideas to the equestrian market, with huge resources committed to research and development.


Selleria Equipe have a vast range of not only saddles but bridles, leather work and stirrups. Using only the finest materials and utilising the latest technology. Coupled with feedback from veterinary experts and top international riders, the collection strives to satisfy the requirements of riders of all levels from a technical point, with the focus on the comfort and well-being of the horse.

Riders who choose Equipe Saddles include:

  • Ben Maher

  • Laura Collett

  • Ros Canter

  • Denis Nielsen

  • Albert Zoer

  • Guido Franchi