David Coombs-Gyde

David, together with his partner Nikki Davies, run ND Sports Horses, which is based at High Offley Stud in Staffordshire. Horses are taken on competition, breaking or sales livery, and are kept alongside their own team of showjumpers. With a strong team of horses, this seasons aim is for Foxhunter second rounds and success on the county show circuit.

Learn more about Davids choice of saddles below

The Amerigo DJ Pinerolo 

"I chose the Amerigo DJ because of the security it offered over the largest of fences. It puts me in a naturally balanced position, and does not restrict my movement in the saddle."


The Equipe

Synergy Special 

"The Synergy is my go to yard saddle. It is particularly versatile, making it idea to have on hand when we regularly have new horses arriving for sales and competition livery." 

The Best of the Rest

"The Lemieux Prosorb Half Pad is a lifesaver! With one pad we can create a front riser, a back riser or add the shims bi-laterally to help horses who's saddles slip to one side. With a yard full of horses this really is the best solution"