GH18AME - Amerigo Stud Girth Leather/Elastic

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Brand: amerigo

The unusual shape of these girths distributes the pressure from the girth over a wider surface area and is not concentrated in one narrow area that can lead to soreness when the horses are overgirthed.

These girths are particularly useful when the horses girth depth is very close to the elbow, and the shoulder blade is further back than the girth depth. The generous shaping around the elbow and forward cut ensure that even in movement, that the sensitive elbow does not connect with the girth and that the girth remains quietly in place, stablising the saddle by allowing the girth to connect in a straight line from the girth depth to the girth straps.

The soft upwards pressure on the sternum encourages the horse to raise their backs and supports the stretching through the withers.

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